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I ♥ Bandung

I'm currently stay in Bandung. At Cisitu Baru, Dago for exactly. Eh, I've said before ya SORRY I forget hehe. I'm in purpose to make some statements here. You might read
  1. I love Bandung, they have good views, with the mountains, hills, and you know what. First I came to here I saw heaven. I'm not liying ;) I set my playlist, sat on the bus, stared outside the window and I saw heaven. Maybe it's my heart seeing.
  2. I love Bandung, because my dream campus is in Bandung. And everytime I through it my heart beating so fast, feeling very fascinated.
  3. I love Bandung, especially Dago (where I currently stay), they always raining. I really love rain, and I'm willing to walk through it carrying my umbrella.
  4. I love Bandung, because the weather suits me who love to drink hot chocolate and hot green tea every afternoon.
  5. I love Bandung, they have sooooo many great shops, cheap goods, quality best, easy to find. I've become a shopaholic then haha.
  6. I love Bandung, they have great street musician. The buskers here singing western songs. Not like in Pekanbaru my hometown, they also carrying tambour or violin somehow. Very creative. And. At night especially Saturday night you will find so many people selling fresh flowers. What a sweet.
  7. I love Bandung, no wonder its named Paris van Java, Paris in Java, the people here is very fashionable. Very inspirated.
  8. I love Bandung, there still many people are willing to go on foot to everywhere and having a trip with public transportation.
  9. I love Bandung, what a happy finding there are many Minangese here!
But still I don't love Bandung fully. Bandung is quite pollutive. If in Pekanbaru you'll get Sun, in Bandung you'll get Pollution. Bandung is a big city, but it's not continuing with the city development especially for the streets. They have only little space road for bunch riders. And most of the streets in Bandung are one way. And there's no way to find spaces in the streets, everyday is a traffic.

I would like to find another hearts in Bandung. We'll see.